A little racist humour to start the ball rolling.

Racism in the early 20th century was largely between the blacks and whites in America, but today it has evolved and expanded among many different cultures in countries throughout the world.

Racism is being defined as the prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief. It is a common phenomenal happening around the globe. The problems that arises from racism can be catastrophic. Take Rwanda Genocide for example, more that 800,000 were killed as a result of severe racial dispute.

In the 21st century, mass media plays a significant role in keeping people well informed. Through various mediums of media, be it newspaper, radio, television, magazines or internet, we are able to communicate with huge number of people. There is no doubt to the impact that mass media has on the society. It can change opinions because people are constantly exposed to numerous kind of mass media in their daily life and this gives it a lot of influence over the population. This influence can either be constructively used by educating the people positively or it can be used destructively by misleading the innocent people, causing negative impacts.

Racism is a daily occurrence. In the upcoming posts, we shall look deeper into of the media in racism; examine the examples of racism media, how audience are affected by the media they consumed, how the role of  negative media can contribute to creating stereotyping, which can contribute to social disharmony and generate moral panic in the society.

Word Count: 212


Rwanda: How the genocide happened


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