Media’s normalization of racism

Racism is being exercised constantly by mass media which might influence the audience’s way of stereotyping groups and also give them the impression that racism is common and normalized. In this post, we look the examples of racism media that portrays a specific group in a negative light and how it can result in creating anxiety against a specific group of people.

Research in UK shows that leading stories and editorials of tabloids, such as The Sun and The Daily Mail in the UK, have contributed in generating resentment against those non-European immigrants with issues like unemployment, lack of housing, crime, drugs, and even terrorism (Teun A., 1995).

Movies and television programs which are more popular with the younger generation also contain racist context. Below are some extracts from television programs or movies that contain racist content.

A compilation of TV racist moment on american television.

“The Birth of a Nation”(1915) has been well known to be truly a product of its time of racial injustice, right down to the use of white actors donning black-face makeup to portraying black characters as buffoons whose only goals in life are to try and sleep with white ladies.

Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom” (1984) portray Hindus as evil, human-sacrificing psychos.

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Teun A. van Dijk, (1995) The Mass Media Today. Discourses of domination or diversity? Javnost/The Public (Ljubljana), 2(2), 1995, 27-45.

The 50 Most Racist Movies


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